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22 Years

Joseph and his brothers and his father reunited after 22 long years. 

Pits can sometimes be part of God's plan

Pits we may not always understand 

Pits and problems are what makes the man 

Potiphar's house, part of Joseph's collage

Potiphar's house seemed like a mirage 

Potiphar's house, enduring the barrage

Prison for Joseph, a place of waiting

Prison sentence with God's ways debating 

Prison entrapped yet God was creating 

Palace-God provides Joseph's escape 

Palace-Joseph's call begins to take shape 

Palace-God removes all of the tape 

Plenty-Joseph's former dreams would not fail 

Plenty-He was the head and not the tail

Plenty-In Joseph's life God tipped the scale

Patience in us as God works in others 

Patience in us, His plan He uncovers

In patience He restored Joseph's brothers  

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