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50 Years Overdue

A library in England had a book on the Dewey decimal system returned and found it to be almost 50 years overdue. 

A lady returned a library book after 50 years

She just cleaned their house or so it appears

This book was checked out back in 1972

And why she returned it I have no clue

It was checked out by a teacher of local school

Now she returned it because she followed the rule

This was honorable I guess we can all agree

But did she have to pay the huge overdue fee?

I really never much go to my local library 

I'm on my phone way too much that I carry

Maybe I should read more and get off my phone

But then I would panic and feel all alone

My strange sister with whom I send my regards

She has this strange collection of library cards

I think it's really weird but she is my sister 

I don't want her to hear so I will try to whisper

She also has a big collection of Pez dispensers 

It's crazy because she is a college professor 

I can speak about her because she's not on Facebook

So with this poem I'm sure she'll never look

Anyways I'm not sure why this book returner was skittish

See I really don't know much about being British

The moral of the story I guess it can vary

But please return your books to the library

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