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8:28 in a Concentration Camp

Anita Dittman (1927-2020) was just twelve years old when World War II began. She was abandoned by her father and her mother was taken to a concentration camp.  

During that time, Anita found Jesus and gave her life to Him. She found that He was with her in all her trials. She was eventually reunited with her mother. 

Romans 8:28-"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

In 1939, Anita Dittman was a little girl

God had His hand on her in that evil world

She was only 12 when the war began

Hard times were ahead but God had a plan

She fought for survival through many tears 

But God saw her through her teenage years

Her dad was Jewish, her mom was German 

She was an "undesirable", men determined 

Because of this tag she was picked on at school

She was an atheist and they considered her a fool

Girls beat her up while others withdrew from her 

Boys would throw at her dog and horse manure

Her father abandoned her one horrible day

To a death camp they took her mother away

Anita had to continually fight to survive 

It was a lonely fight to stay alive 

One day a lady asked Anita to go to church

She went with this lady with a heart open to search

She felt God's Spirit and that's where it would start

She then asked Jesus into her young broken heart

His Spirit inside gave her light, it was a lamp

Soon even she was taken to a concentration camp 

She went through turmoil and many dark days

All day long they had her digging large graves

Yet in that dreadful place she was not ignored

She found others there who knew the Lord 

They prayed when they could and they were heard

They would talk any chance they could about the Word

One verse that they clung to was Romans 8:28

They knew God may not be early but He is never late

Even though their dark days could not be understood

They knew their God worked all things for good

They held to 8:28 and would not let in doubt 

Soon God did a miracle and got them all out 

Anita knew that even though life can get worse 

Romans 8:28 is still a faithful and true verse 

In her trials 8:28 on her heart was stamped 

Spoken by God in a concentration camp 

And if you love the Lord you can know it's true

Romans 8:28 is still a faithful word for you 

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