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Updated: Dec 29, 2021

On the radio I heard a caller Said we are getting $600 $600 but $700 million to Sudan? Over a billion to Egypt is this their plan? And did I read in the Oregonian? That a billion goes to the Smithsonian? Hundreds of millions to the Ukraine? Is Congress even using their brain? What is this stimulus stimulating? Was there even any debating? $600 to the illegals we share And another $600 for those on welfare $600 or $2000 is it fair? I dont know but I'm going to buy a chair

Can we ask some renown scholar? Is it really worth it for $600? Wait no now its $2000! Yes I'm about to holler! No wait now its back down to $600 I guess I will hold back my holler Oh come on I'm out 1400 bucks Close but no cigar out of luck Wait! $2000 is again the price Going once, going twice Nope back to $600 is the plan $600 for every woman and man Don't really care about $600 When small businesses just get smaller Look what I get is what I get I won't complain and won't have a fit Whether or not the money arrives I only hope small businesses survive

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