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A Cheesy Poem

I met this cheese

But his name I missed

I could see he was a foreigner 

It looked like he was swiss

His last name was Mozzarella 

That's all I knew 

Except he feared one thing

He feared becoming fondue 

He had holes in his life

He wished he had done better

He envied his mild neighbor 

Whose name was Cheddar

The holes of his appearance 

Weren't because of some hacker

But he dreaded one thing 

Being placed between crackers

See when he was a young cheese

His daddy he would not see

He had a cheesy affair 

With a lady cheese named Brie

When he became more mature

His daddy tried to come back

But he told his father 

You don't know monterrey jack

Yeah he found out those two

They were living in Bermuda

He just told his friends 

It just wasn't very gouda 

He stood up to his father 

This young cheese became bold 

He didn't have time 

For another cheese with mold 

He ended up going to church

He was sick of all the strife

Another cheese at church 

Said cheeses would change your life


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