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A Cruz to Mexico

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

A cruise to Mexico would be nice I don't know which one I'd choose But there's only cruise going to Mexico And that is the Senator Ted Cruz

Yeah Teddy saw you on the news Yep not looking good Teddy They were taking pictures of you Thinking you were a Yeti

Millions in Texas without power And you ran off to Cancun Should have rescheduled that trip Probably to May or June

See Teddy in my poetry It's all about rhyming And with your vacations It's all about timing

Here comes the media attacks Throwing you like a yo yo Forgetting about those nursing homes Forgetting about Governor Cuomo

Listen I'm not going to judge you For wanting an authentic burrito While soaking up the sun And trying to sing "Despacito"

And look I don't really care If you drive a nice Lexus And look I really don't care If all your Ex's live in Texas

But see way back in Texas They are making Ted Cruz pinatas While you're staring at the ocean Drinking your Pina Coladas

So Ted cruise on home Put down your margaritas Go back to the those freezing Say goodbye to your senorita

You can do what you want You have the dinero But please don't land in Texas Wearing a big sombrero

When the power goes out in Texas I heard when a bells rings That way down in Mexico Ted Cruz gets his wings

Now the media will make sure That you are called vile But one thing they can't take way Is your frequent flyer miles

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