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A Dream

In a dream I saw the pope

He was shining my shoes

He said follow after me

You will have nothing to lose

His robe was pure white

But his heart seemed black

He said with a wolves growl

The truth I like to attack

He kept shining my shoes

Then he went to wash my feet

He acted pious and humble 

But I could smell his conceit

He said we clean the outside 

We lay down all our stones

But just don't look within 

It is full of dead men's bones

Oh yes we look so holy

With our pomp and circumstance

But in the waltz of deceit

We sway and dance the dance

The simple will still bow down

They will kiss the papal ring

Hear the song of deception 

Many will continue to sing

He wiped off each of my feet

With his handy altar towel

He said I can guide you into truth

If only you will allow

No need for an encounter

No need for divine vision

I can ease your conscience 

With this man made religion

The traditions of men

I can feed you in this hour

Beautiful on the outward

Yet robbing you of the power

Just going through motions

And just a game to play

All we have is the outward

It is all for display

I awoke from the dream

I thought of what I heard 

I pondered about the pope

And his super smooth words

I could really care less 

If the pope washes my feet

I hunger after the truth 

I don't have time for deceit

Yet what about the Spirit

Who brings life and hope

I rejected words of wolves

As was spoken by the pope

My choice was obedience

Over man made tradition

And to fellowship with God

Over empty void religion

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