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A Letter to Stalin

Maria Yudina was a great Russian pianist. She always wore a cross while performing in public. It was a direct challenge to the atheist Soviet regime that invited a bullet or the gulag. She defied and survived Stalin. Her faith in God cost her concerts and her teaching job.

She sent a letter telling Stalin that she prayed for him and asked that the Lord would forgive his great sins before the people and the country. She was told it was a suicide note. Stalin received the letter and read the letter to his inner circle. Arrest orders had been made but for some unknown reason were laid aside.

Stalin died listening to Maria's music. She outlived Stalin by 17 years.

Maria Yudina proudly wore her cross To many she seemed extreme But she had counted all but loss She stood up to that regime

To Stalin a bold letter she wrote When told to submit she did resist Some called it a suicide note But charges against her were dismissed

A fiery woman you can be certain She firmly believed in her Creator Lived boldly behind the Iron Curtain Rebuking a fearful dictator

Maria would not bow to Stalin's way But Stalin died listening to her play

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