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A Man Bun Dance

Let me share with you my stance

About those who do a man bun dance

Abundance of man buns across our land

Personally I think they should be banned

Buns first worn by Samurai warriors

Now man buns seen at every employer

Many many man buns today it's crazy

But does the man bun mean you are lazy?

These man buns today have too much hype

As they challenge gender stereotypes

At the man bunners I see I try not to stare

But do they use quality products for their hair?

Listen I am not trying to be a meanie

But it does make one look like a genie

Honestly I think they are a little weird

Will we now start having women's beards?

You may not find man buns in Mississippi

But having one kind of makes you part hippy

You'll find them in California and Oregon state

You can find one on Eharmony for a date

Abundance of men doing a man bun dance

A bun dance moving their hair in their stance

Maybe I should relax and show some support

Ok I will try one, but wait my hair is too short

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