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A Raccoon Walks Into a Bar

On September 6, 2022, in Maddock, ND, a woman brought her pet raccoon into a bar during happy hour.

A woman and a raccoon walk into a bar

To some it seemed weird and a little bizarre

Hey she's proud of her pet, to her more power

But raccoons probably shouldn't be at happy hour

It doesn't appear that this lady is that bright

Especially if that raccoon is drinking a Bud Light

Maybe he ordered a Dos Equis and then pretends

And growled to the bartender "stay thirsty my friends"

Perhaps it was an "emotional support" raccoon

At least it wasn't an "emotional support" baboon

And thankfully that raccoon didn't bring in its babies

But it sounds like that little guy may have had rabies

I can see why people think this was a little risky

Especially if she was giving it shots of whiskey

Finally the woman left and got in her Toyota

And well I guess this is normal for North Dakota

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