• Edward Riederich

A Trip to Colon, Michigan

If I ever schedule a colonoscopy

Where would I go?

I guess to Colon, Michigan

So they can work below

Trying to even spell Colon

I get mixed up with the vowels

I'm sure it's a beautiful place though

Deep within it's bowels

I've never been to Colon

But once I took a colon cleanse

I guess it was a fad

It was one of the trends

I would swallow these herbs

Before I went to bed every night

But it was like sending into my bowels

A couple sticks of dynamite

Look I know I'm getting older

I'm not trying to make a mockery

So I guess I would drive to Colon

If I need that colonoscopy

Would I take a laxative

To make going there more easy?

Just thinking of visiting Colon

It makes me a little queasy

I'm sure the view is beautiful

Right next to Surgeon Lake

But I will hold off for now

On that appointment I will make

One day I will take a trip

To Michigan for some recreation

But if I ever stop in Colon

Just please give me some sedation

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