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Airport Sweet Airport

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Hello, does anyone seem to care? There was some dude living in Chicago O'Hare Watched the movie "The Terminal" Sunday night Next day couldn't believe my sight

Now "The Terminal" played for real Free rent at the airport what a deal Wouldn't go home because of the Covid scare Lived for 3 months in the terminal at O'Hare

Well, O'Hare is a lot better than Chicago Midway But no frequent flyer miles accrued on this stay A hairy man at O'Hare made things halfway hairy Could have been halfway scary, was anyone wary?

Somehow airport security, the dude would allude Following and begging passengers for his food Begging passengers because he had no cash Yeah I'm sure begging and foraging through the trash

Maybe he went on an airport shopping spree Buying some alcohol down at Duty Free? Speaking of duty, where was TSA? Were they totally clueless everyday?

And what did TSA finally do? Did a friendly pat down reveal the final clue? I hate those pat downs. They feel a little weird But somehow this guy did not have to be cleared

All the TSA cameras and all the kings men Couldn't find some paranoid dude again and again Day after day he sat in the baggage claim No airport security officer thought to ask his name

So now that we have seen this guy on the news At security, do we still need to take off our shoes? How many others are living in that secured area? If we find out will it cause mass hysteria?

How many passengers at airports are hidden away? Do we need to check Laguardia and JFK? Well, if you are down and out and don't know what to do You can always go live in O'hare at Terminal 2

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