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America Come Back to Thee

As the frightening storm nears

People continue to cover their ears

Observe the unrest and discern the fears

Striving goes on and wars don't cease

Yet some men think it will decrease

Saying "Peace, peace when there is no peace"

The naive live their lives ignoring

The truth they go on scorning

Foolishly neglecting the warning

I can't hear the warning cry

But I can see the blackened sky

Does anyone have a prophetic eye?

Can America still be sustained?

When a twisted reality is explained

When men only want to be entertained

The ignorant go on living their lives

While politicians throw their knives

In this storm blackout who survives?

Empty activity numbs and distracts

But still our nation has gone off the tracks

In our foundation notice the cracks

Hence the sky calmly begins to rain

An hour of trial and an hour of pain

But our righteousness we will regain

America America land of the free

Jesus cries out to us you see

America America come back to thee!

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