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America Under Siege

Under siege, evil is called good And now good is called evil We have built with straw and wood In fire it will not be withstood From decency there's been upheaval Under siege, shortage after shortage Gas prices keep climbing higher Yet truth does not get reported As some cannot pay their mortgage Our nation walks into the fire Under siege, freedom is constricted From sea to sea in fifty states All this could have been predicted As our nation is afflicted The enemy is inside our gates Under siege, see violence in our streets Catch a criminal and release In major cities this repeats A blind eye given by the elites The bloodshed does not decrease Under siege, wrongdoing does not stop And cowards compromise for peace Racing towards collapse nonstop A huge mess that no one can mop Confusion does not decrease Under siege, take a look at our schools Pushing left ideology Kids indoctrinated by fools With politically correct rules Twisted study of psychology Under siege, infiltrated by wolves Disguised in sheep's clothing To the left the media pulls To snatch freedom and gain control Our leaders, many are loathing Under siege, nowhere to run or flea Radicals riot in our streets Vilify those who don't agree Shaming ones who want to be free When one posts,, another deletes Under siege, no longer in God we trust We forget Him which seems so odd While morality turns to rust But God has always been just Our nation must turn back to God

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