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An Evening Swim at Bass Pro

In January 2024, a man stripped naked and jumped in a Bass Pro Aquarium in Alabama. He was later arrested.

I'm not sure if this middle aged man was drunk or high

He jumped in the Bass Pro fish tank naked and I don't know why

He tried to reenact the album cover of Nirvana "Nevermind"

Yet every poor customer around got to see his behind

I don't do much shopping over at Bass Pro

I'll tell you one thing though, that wasn't a good time to go

I'm guessing it was on this man's bucket list

To swim naked at Bass Pro with all the colorful fish

I'm sure most people did not think it was cute

To see this grown man swimming in his birthday suit

Can you imagine those children as they looked at the fish?

The parents got a view you would never have wished

Maybe a kid cried, "Look Mommy is that big fish a blue gill?"

"Actually Jimmy that is a grown man who is over the hill"

Or maybe a kid yelled "Daddy, why is that fish so hairy?"

"Actually son, that's a grown man who is a little scary"

He wanted to live in a world free without his clothes

But now he's in jail and well he has been exposed

Yes he got to swim with trout, catfish and carp

But the whole world can figure out he is not that sharp

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