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Annoying Hospital Machines

On 11/29/22 a 72 year old woman was arrested in Mannheim, Germany for switching off her roommates ventilator- twice. She was annoyed by the sound it made. The 79 year old victim had to be revived but is doing fine. 

If you are in the hospital and you hear a machine 

Probably best not to unplug it if you know what I mean

There was an annoyed lady who became unplugged 

She turned off a ventilator and then just shrugged

I guess she turned off this ventilator and walked away

And maybe went and ordered a burger in the cafe 

She turned it once and then turned it off twice

I don't think that annoyed lady was very nice 

That poor patient suffered on her German U bed

She is lucky doctors and nurses did not find her dead

See machines at hospitals are really not toys

You cannot turn them off if the sound annoys

Look I don't like the beeping of a garbage truck

But if it backed up and hit me I would be out of luck

It faithfully warns me so the truck does not crash

But if it hit me I guess I would be called white trash

I get annoying noises like when I cook in the kitchen

The fire alarm goes off almost everytime I cook chicken

But at a hospital I think it is just a little mean

If you go turn off your roommates ventilator machine 

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