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Are You CNN what I am CNN?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Are you CNN what I am CNN?

Because I'm not seeing what they are CNN

Is it a sin to not agree with CNN?

Or is it a sin to even watch CNN?

There's more seeing people than CNN viewers

The CNN watchers are fewer and fewer

At least I get the sense there's not much sense on CNN

It seems that the lies they set forth on CNN on a scale of 1 to 10 are a ten.

I have to sigh as I'm seeing them

The CNN seeds of division seek to divide and seek to hide the truth and see lies

See those seeds from seeing CNN

See you don't heed the lies from them

See them now and see them then

See them try to blast our pen

CNN serpents, that's what they are

See CNN spiders in their jar

CNN snakes everyday are hissing

In CNN sermons, truth they are missing

Too much silly stupid CNN can make you senile

CNN yeah sorry for my smile but that's just not my style

Senile news in the fake news shoes

Hopefully, you are CNN what I am CNN

Because if you are not seeing, then you are just blind then to CNN and seeing then

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