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Asleep in Sodom

The city of Sodom

The city of Gomorrah

Planting and building you see

But when the fire fell

They perished suddenly

They had fullness of food

Abundance of idleness

Seen in Ezekiel 16

The sin of their pride

Consumed by their routine

Living for themselves

Consumed by pleasure

Evil was called good

Unaware of coming doom

Not living like they should

They ate and they drank

They bought and they sold

Working but yet asleep

Sin was their quicksand

They were stuck in it deep

Are we awake today?

And are we listening?

America seems so odd

We are busy yet asleep

We have turned our back on God

Modern day Sodom

Present day Gomorrah

Forgive us Lord we pray

Make us hear the alarm

Turn us back today

Will we hit rock bottom?

Or the depths of despair?

Before there is a cry

Will we need fire to respond?

America's too young to die

Modern day Sodom

America has recreated

May we turn before it's too late

We need a spiritual awakening

To spread from state to state

The mockers will mock

The wicked will shout

But Jesus still reigns

May we have ears to hear

In a time of birthing pangs

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