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Bamboo Believers

Facts about Bamboo

*Chinese bamboo has to be watered and fertilized every day. It doesn't break through the ground for five years. 

*After five years it can grow 90' in five weeks. 

*After ten years it withers and dies. Its remnants provide extra nutrients to the younger trees in the colony. 

*A grove of bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. 

It takes five years to water it

It takes five years to fertilize 

It takes five years of nothing 

Before the bamboo will rise

If you neglect to water it

If you neglect to fertilize 

The seed that is underground

Of that hidden bamboo dies

Through five years of no fruit 

It seems like a total waste

But the roots grow in darkness

The planter can't give up in haste 

It shoots out of the soil

It grows quickly to the top

Once the bamboo breaks through 

It is impossible to stop

It can grow three feet in one day

Ninety feet in five weeks 

Bamboo cannot be hindered 

It can break through concrete 

It tolerates extreme conditions 

When other plants will not last 

It grew in Hiroshima first 

After that atomic blast 

Bamboo is like the Christian walk

When there appears to be no fruit

But underground in the darkness

God is developing our roots 

When we remain in His Word

When we spend time in prayer 

Something is happening unseen

Though we may not be aware 

One day God will move in the earth 

It will shoot up to the top

Like bamboo, God's awakening

It will be impossible to stop

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