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Baptized in the Palace

On 4/12/2002 U.S. Marines had just captured Saddam Hussein's Palace. On the lawn of the palace Lance Corporal Jeff Guthrie gave his life to Jesus with tears streaming down his face. Lt Carey Cash, a chaplain with his battalion, baptized him the next day in Saddam's Palace.  

Over in Baghdad, Iraq Stood one trembling Marine He had conquered in battle But now knew Jesus redeems In that palace of oppression Guthrie made his confession Tears streamed down his muddy face His wandering heart made clean 

Marines stormed these palace gates 

In this intense act of war 

In spite of the victory 

Jeff Guthrie desired more 

Here where evil was devised 

Guthrie chose to be baptized 

In this house of tyranny 

God would perform so much more 

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