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Be Kind

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Be Kind

Be kind But don't be blind Be kind But don't lose your mind Be kind But stand up this time

We need those kind Who have a spine And speak their mind Be kind But speak up this time You cannot just mime Words you must find To call out the slime

So get back to the grind Yes be kind But don't let fear define And think that's fine

Yes be kind But I am so inclined To not be aligned With those who have no spine

I won't be unkind But bear in mind I'm speaking up this time So don't confuse speaking my mind As being unkind

As we see the sign of the times Choose to be kind But not the kind Who chooses to be blind By sticking their head in the sand And then thinking that's fine

See kindness can't be an excuse for blindness Or just roaming mindless Don't choose to be blind For a false peace of mind

So yes be kind But let me remind You MUST have a spine

Be kind But see our nation is not fine We must, we must stand up this time! And thank you kindly For listening to my rhyme

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