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Berry Berry Wrong

( A poem about Gwen Berry turning away from the American flag during the national anthem)

I think I was drinking a berry smoothie

Or maybe I was watching a berry good movie

Then I saw some hairy news about Gwen Berry

It was scary how she was a little contrary

She won a medal for throwing a hammer

But now look at her flag hating manner

What she did is not Berry good

Maybe Berry is Berry misunderstood

Berry lives in St. Louis Missouri

There for our country she does worry

She worries but I'm wary of these attacks

On our flag when they turn their backs

She can bury her hammer in the sand

Or maybe she can throw it for Iran

I think its time for her to sell her house

She can move to Russia or maybe to Laos

Maybe she can move to the island of Guam

Or maybe go throw a hammer for Vietnam

Berry can argue and defend her intent

But I will turn my back on her Olympic event

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