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Blast in Beirut

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

(The Story of Pastor Said Deeb on August 4, 2020)

2020 Beirut explosion But one man divinely chosen Ammonium nitrate was stored Divine protection from the Lord

At a mission Pastor Deeb entered Where he ran the Life Center But on this day August 4th He felt an uneasiness come forth

An uneasiness in his spirit From the Spirit he did hear it Shut it down, the words he heard Everyone thought it was absurd

They fed the hungry and were cooking food But now Pastor Deeb seemed so rude Shut it down? Unusual choice Shut it down but he heard the voice

Heard that voice when he did pray Obeyed God and sent everyone away Hours later disaster came Warehouse close by burst into flames

Flames consumed the port fast Soon after came the blast Massive explosion so loud Sending up a mushroom cloud

Seconds after the blast gave A massive giant shockwave Homes damaged as far as 6 miles For the Lebanese a fiery trial

Thousands injured, Hundreds died A crater 400 feet wide Back to the story of Life Center None had died who had entered

That voice Pastor Deeb cherished If ignored all would have perished He made the crucial choice To listen to the Spirit's voice

And when he held back none He activated by faith Psalm 91

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