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Booster Potion Number Nine

(Parody of "Love Potion Number Nine" by The Searchers)

Booster shots for even our youth

You know I'm not sure who's telling the truth

Soon you can get it in the CVS line

Where they'll be giving out booster potion number nine

I'm not sure what is in that mix

It sure seems like they are playing some tricks

Lord Fauci spoke to us from his shrine

He said, "What you need is booster shot number nine"

He got to his podium and gave us a wink

He said, "I'm gonna make it right here in my sink"

He said it works faster than you can blink

Just don't question science and don't you think

They just speak out words that lead to fright So many obey and don't question their plight

But when they said oh yeah you will be fine

I broke his little bottle of booster potion number nine

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