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Boy Meets Girl

Boy meets girl

But girl becomes man

Boy is confused

He doesn't understand

So boy becomes girl

As girl becomes man

Is everyone confused

Of the natural plan?

As girl becomes man

The man becomes neutral

What does that mean?

That sounds unfruitful

And man who became girl

Now identifies as a flower

It doesn't smell sweet

But I guess she feels power

Girl who became neutral

Now identifies as a train

In all their identifying

They have lost their brain

In their foundation

I see huge cracks

This runaway train

Has gone off the tracks

See there was Adam

And there was Eve

Eve didn't change

And become Steve

And in that garden

With that man Adam

He didn't change

And become a madam

I will try to be sensitive

I will try to be gentle

But when they swap what's natural

They have then become mental

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