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Brace for Impact

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

America! America! The foundations are cracked Time to get ready Brace for Impact!

We are at glide speed Loss of power we have felt Heads down! Stay down! Fasten your seat belts

We will be landing soon With no landing gear Prepare for a bumpy ride This landing is near

Starting to nose dive No time for reflection Diving into the clouds Headed for an election

500! Fighting off fear Heads down! Stay down! The ground is near

100! Terrain terrain pull up! Mayday Mayday! Terrain terrain pull up!

50! Wings begin to sway 40! Time is NOW to pray

30! Will we land intact? 20! Brace for impact

10! About to hit the ground God we need you! Before the violent sound

Brace! Brace! For your survival For out of this crash Will come a revival

America! America! To Jesus we must cry Election day is here May we have a prophetic eye

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