• Edward Riederich

Burning Down Home Depot

On 5/19/22 a woman ignited a massive fire at a Home Depot in Spokane, Wa to distract from her petty shoplifting.

Once there was a bonehead from Spokane And that's where this crazy story began This lady had 21 felonies to be exact Common sense she sure had lacked She thought I really don't want to pay a dime So I'll burn the place down to cover my crime She stole a plant and some Miracle Gro Then she tried to burn down all of Home Depot Oh and she stole Bounty the quicker picker upper Then started the fire and went home for supper The place where doers get more done Is where an insurance claim has just begun Less than $100 stolen was the amount Living her life on a five finger discount Almost 8 million in damage was the price By a dumb dumb who did not think twice Yeah sure she got arrested by the Police But nowadays it's only catch and release What she burns down next no one knows But for now you may have to shop at Lowes

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