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Call Me Shallow

Call me shallow one more time

Just one more time

And I'm about to flip a switch 

A switch no one has ever seen flipped

You don't want to see me flip and flip out flippin that switch 

Call me shallow and I'm going to give you a piece of my mind

But first let me go stand in front of the mirror and admire my amazingly good looks and ripped muscles

No I don't use steroids

Of course yes I've been asked that before 

These are organically raised triceps and biceps

Wow, my muscles are huge!

Man, I am so good looking!

But I'm not shallow

Call me shallow and I will prove you wrong

After I post on my social media with me leaning against my car so people can see I'm cool because I have a cool car

Probably the coolest car

Cool guy

Cool car

His royal coolness

The path of coolcality

Call me shallow and I will talk more about myself

Me, myself and I we would like to talk to you more about my drama

I want my drama to become your drama 

So take some drama-mine and have a seat and be dramafied

But don't ever ever call me shallow 

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