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Can I Hear an Amen

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Can I hear an amen? Nope I heard an awoman Not on "Leave it to Beaver" But from some guy named Cleaver Had to hear it to be a believer

Went out to eat, was holding a menu Should there now be a womenu? Sorry that's my mentality Do others have a womentality? And is there really a transgenderality?

Sorry for the puns I need to pause But do men go through menopause? Do men only get meningitis? Does Ginger only get gingivitis? And does Art only get arthritis?

To my poem can I get an amen? Or will my words somehow offend? Sensitive topics I shouldn't mention Because then someone else will womention And then I could lose your attention

With prayer let's not leave it to Cleaver Something's off with him. Maybe he has a fever I'm trying to be careful. My words I manage Don't want to give men an unfair advantage But I just said "manage" is that a disadvantage?

Look some of these leftists are a mental case Cleaver spoke out of his womental place Are mannequins all males or am I a dummy? And is there really a manly mummy? But one thing I do know is that prayer was crummy

I give you my manifesto for sticking with amen While I eat my mango and write with my pen Hey Cleaver let me give you a mind bender The word "amen" has nothing to do with gender So your prayer gets marked "return to sender"

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