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Cannabis Christian Center

In Indian Mound, TN a massive marijuana operation was run out of a TN church. Over 2000 pot plants were discovered. The church had a $3000 a month electric bill. 

In a Methodist church 

They spoke of life and death

But they also grew some weed

And maybe produced meth

They experienced this high

With wings they soared

They were getting high on weed

And not high on the Lord

Neighbors smelled a stench

It caused them many sneezes 

But the high they were gettin

It wasn't because of Jesus

They had 2000 pot plants 

They were making big money

But I'm just wondering 

Did the service start at 4:20?

If they used any anointing oil

I'm guessing it was CBD

And you can say about that church

It was growing like a weed

I'm not trying to sound rude

I don't mean to be "blunt"

But I'm sure inside that church 

It must have smelled like a skunk

For the young people here 

Did they have Awana? 

Or did they just pass out

Some fresh marijuana?

This church wasn't Catholic

So you can't blame the pope

But I heard the church members 

They said their service was dope

People sought out this church

Though neighbors would complain 

People wanted to hear the teaching 

Of Reverend Mary Jane 

Maybe they would all rise up

And would sing a worship song

Then during the announcements 

Someone would smoke a bong

I'm sure after the service

They had a pot-luck for the Lord

And I'm sure every visitor 

Was asked to use the back door

The cops finally showed up 

And did not announce their arrival

They closed down this church

And stopped this pot revival 

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