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Catastrophic Mistake

There was a poor cat

There was a distressed kitty

Via the owners mistake

I will try to be witty

A lady grabbed her feline

She threw it in her bag

But I'm sure for the kitty

Traveling was a drag

She zipped up that bag

She didn't show much pity

But then a TSA agent 

Said here kitty kitty

That kitty laid in her bag

Into the x-ray machine 

Was that kitty scared?

It seemed kind of mean

This story went viral 

On Facebook and Twitter

But what I want to know

Was that bag full of litter?

When I saw the news

When I heard this story

I thought this pet owner

Was in a different cat-egory

We make mistakes with our pets

I'm not trying to be a hater 

But what did they do

To that purr-pertrator?

With raising cats 

I'm not the wiser 

I have an old cat 

His name is Tiger 

He's turning 14

But when I give a decree

He just meows nonstop 

He doesn't listen to me

But one thing I know 

Before his life is gone

I would never shove him

Into my small carry on

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