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Chasing the Mirage

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

In the assault of the constant barrage

It is easy to envision a mirage

In our fiery trials we can misunderstand 

Thinking we see water but only see sand

We can continue chasing them to obtain 

But only grains of sand still remain

In the intense tempest you are facing 

Don't fall into a trap of mirage chasing

These mirages are void of reality

And the chase itself becomes insanity

One mirage after another disappears

And soon the days will become wasted years

Yet those wasted moments will rob your strength 

As you hasten aimlessly at any length 

The enemy will try to fill you with doubt 

As you hold handfuls of sand in a drought

If we will chase after God's word every day

He will give us hope when skies are gray

If our faith in Him becomes our basis

He will guide us to a true oasis

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