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China Vacation on Hold

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

China is requiring some passengers arriving from overseas to an invasive anal swab as part of the their Coronavirus containment measures.

If I ever go on a vacation China will not be the nation This China swab is not fine Swabbing where the sun don't shine

I won't go there for a job I won't go there for that swab A Covid test very invasive In some remote location

Let's anal-lyze this test I don't think it is the best Let's do some anal-ytics Is this really scientific?

I'm not going through their security I really want to keep my purity I know it's just their job aye But look I'm not Rico Swabe

Sure if I went there I would pay a cab And go take a tour of the Wuhan lab And in the gift shop buy a green tea And then buy a Wuhan T-shirt just for me

Then I would go down to the wet market And see where the virus supposedly started Then I would go eat some chow mein But why can't they just swab my brain?

Come on China you had one job Now you require an anal swab Won't go to Shanghai or Beijing A Wuhan vacation is not my thing

I'm not digging China's swab mania So I refuse to go to Swabania Hey China I'm not trying to be a snob I'm just not a fan of that anal swab

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