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Circling the Mountain

Deuteronomy 2:2-3-And the Lord spoke to me saying, "You have skirted this mountain long enough; turn northward."   

Circling the mountain once again  

Trapped and enslaved in routine within  

The same mountain, the same scenery  

As they journeyed on so leisurely  

Viewing the same beaten down trail  

The same narrative, the same tale  

Going in circles, stuck with the old  

Path of the familiar they behold  

In a continuous holding pattern  

Possessing oil yet no lantern    

Circling for years and not for days  

Fearful choices caused these long delays Unbelief set inside of their hearts  

That’s the point where the circling starts  

The reason those bells we hear them ring  

It is the familiar that we cling  

Sometimes we choose our own wilderness Though our prayer is "God deliver us" Assuming we drink from the fountain  

Yet we only skirt the same mountain    

This circling can go on for years  

As the sense of wonder disappears  

God helps us in spite of our choices  

He stirs us through prophetic voices  

Breaking our pattern and tradition  

Melting our hearts with His conviction  

He disturbs our walk that seems secure  

He will provide a needed detour  

He guides us from circles with His hand  

He leads us into our promised land  

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