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Clinging to Psalm 46

Look around far and near, all remains is fear

But let it not plant deep inside

On the news you will lose if you hear their lies

But there's a love up above and He still hears our cries

Our nation's only fix is believing Psalm 46

Will you let it be your guide?

The earth will quake and the mountains will shake

But in the deluge, God is still our refuge

He will help at the break of dawn, when all other hope is gone

All we have to do is be still

As truth is assaulted, God will be exalted

Shunning fear and staying calm, clinging to this hopeful Psalm

The nations have raged, they want us all caged

But there's a purpose to fulfill

In spite of the situation and the trouble in our nation

There is a big plus, God is still with us

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