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Coffee Wars

Starbucks and Dunkin

There is no comparison

It's first class and coach

One a pretender 

Toyota versus Chevy

In the coffee wars

An ode to Dunkin

A coffee shop wannabe

Mediocre java

They can make donuts 

They need to stay in their lane

Lattes of garbage 

But Starbucks they reign 

I want to swim in rivers 

Rivers of coffee

The great green sign calls

Like Florida in winter 

I must go, I must

Big green umbrellas

I call this my second home

The place where I write 

But woe to Dunkin!

From Seattle I came forth

I remain loyal

Starbucks I love thee

Let me count the coffee ways

Dreams of espresso

Coffee each morning 

The dew upon the wheat fields

Let me pick that crop

Coke versus Pepsi

I remember that challenge

Coke would always win

The battle of Joe

Dunkin has been defeated

Starbucks wins the war

Convince me I'm wrong 

Actually, no you won't succeed

I like it a latte

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