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A couple weeks ago

I had to stay in bed

I had this strange condition

It's name is called cov-ed

A fever for 3 days

It wasn't really groovy

But at least on my TV

Was every Christmas movie

I could not work

All I did was think

And with my cup of water

All I did was drink

I did pretty much nothing

I read no Dr. Seuss

I just stared at my ceiling

And drank my orange juice

I turned to the left

I turned to the right

Bored on my couch

And then fell off at night

I could not write a poem

I looked like I was dead

But that's kind of normal

When you are home with cov-ed

I'm not a Branch Covidian

That's a different league

I'm just an ordinary Joe

Who struggled with fatigue

Now I can post about it

Posting on "What Ed Said"

My 2 week experience

When covid became cov-ed

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1 Comment

Jan 06, 2022

Well, I’m glad you’re better and you were able to write a great poem about it. I was there and this sums it up perfectly. 🥰

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