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Covid Eye from Junior High

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

(Of course with the help of my daughter Katelyn)

Online classes I don't know what to do with Virtual learning is like totally eweth Stuck in my crib trying to stay calm Covid-19 totally not da bomb

No cap telling no gossip no rumor But no cap I heard from some old boomer Keeping it low key not throwing shade But this yeeting and eating is making me afraid

I'm back six feet and my mask is lit Stuck at home having a fit More stayin home some boomer prescribes Covid-19 throwing off all the vibes

Being quarantined not very dope Like totally eweth so hard to cope On my Tik Tok I've been sharin On my guard with all those Karen's

Obviously I'm immune duh! So why we stayin home bruh? I heard what Dr. Fauci assured Like lol and totally awkward

Limited fans at our games Can't be extra, like totally lame Not trying to be salty to you Its just not gucci gucci goo

Corona, is it a thing? Sorry but not sorry I like to sing Dude winter break will never end! At least I have Fortnight as my friend

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