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Crossing Lake Baikal

In the mountains of Russia

In the region of Siberia

To cross this small sea

One must meet the criteria

Across Lake Baikal

A man walks the icy plains 

The wind whips and howls

In every step he gains

No shelter he will find

He presses on with his will

Yet he feels those daggers 

Of that ungodly windchill

Over a mile deep

Over 12,000 square miles

The deepest lake on earth 

With endless frozen tiles

The frigid ice is thick

Beneath his cold feet

But he cannot stop moving 

He will not take a seat

Hypothermia begins

Frostbite draws nigh

But he continues to walk

Under a starlit sky 

The ice of the darkness

It pelts at his face

As the light of the moon

Illuminates that place

He walks on the water

With each step he takes

He disappears from the shore

To destiny across the lake

Shivering to the bone

A quiet walk of isolation

The blustery conditions 

Have time and duration

Lights in the distance

With thoughts in his silence

Here in the present

Through winds of violence

And off in the distance 

There appears a land ridge

But first he must pass 

Through this demonic fridge

Years later, a new road

Another path he would take

He gained strength from the past 

When he crossed the frozen lake

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