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Dear Bosh

Ish me bosh. Um . . .I know um. . . I haven't been the best employee you've ever had. I know I have called off for multiple family emergencies that really weren't emergencies. Look bosh, my grandma really did die six months ago. She just didn't die last month when I called in and told you she died. I'm shorry bosh, I'm shorry.

But bosh I was wondering bosh, if well I could get that raise. I know I drove the work truck into a tree and about totalled the vehicle. And yes bosh I did drop that ladder on that job inside that church and scraped up their walls. I know you've asked me to stay later and I go home earlier. But I'm shorry bosh I'm shorry.

Yes bosh I have been on my phone a lot. But when you hired me you should have known you hired my phone as well, and all my social media sites. And I was on my phone uh. . . I was on uh. . You Tube watching tutorials how to be uh . . better employee. Look, I will always give you the maximum of the minimum required. Anything for you bosh.

Sincerley, your best mediocre employee

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