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Diary of a Crossfitter

Torture the athlete 

The dance of the crossfitter

Pleasure in soreness

In soreness I walk

No pain, no gain, can't complain

Freight train of tightness

Lactic acid builds

As I waddle like a duck

Quacking and creeking 

Crossfit at fifty? 

What was I even thinking?

Now I'm addicted 

My abs, my poor abs

It hurts to get out of bed

I roll off the edge

Which way do I choose?

Chuck Norris or couch potato

Somewhere in between 

Sir Isaac Newton

Action causes reaction

Third law of motion

Whitney Houston said

I wanna dance with somebody

Just not in Crossfit

A contained brush fire

It ignites my aching thighs

Burns across my calves

I need some relief 

Does it snow in Africa?

I have always wondered

Friends think I'm insane

But I continue the dance

One step at a time

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