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Did you Castro Vote?

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Did you Castro vote? Did you board the leftist boat? In voting where did Hugo? Hugo would be so proud you know

Lenin give you my two cents Election choices come at an expense Lenin tell you what I think Lenin tell you this really stinks!

Let me Putin to you in case you missed How is our nation Putin up with this? Are you ill like Kim Jon il? Or do you have a brain still?

Do you, the praises of socialism sing? Do you want a leader like Ho Chi Mingh? With this election did we fail? Did we follow the steps of Mikhail?

As the vote counting has been Stalin To socialism have we now fallen? Kim Jong il or Kim Jong Un? Does anyone know Kim Jong's a goon?

Kim Jong Un or Kim Jong il? Will we have a nation still? I hope you did Castro vote But will we sink or will we float?

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