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Directing Airplanes with Crookneck Squash

Could you marshal an airplane with two crookneck squash

If they were bright orange and if they had been washed 

What if you wrapped them with LED lights

Could you marshal a jet airliner at night?

If you used squash as marshaling wands

Would pilots know the regular wands are gone?

Would the curious passengers just assume

Your normal wands were left in the break room?

I don't think it's crazy, I don't think it's insane

To consider using squash to marshal a plane

I can just imagine it would be a lot of fun

To marahal with squash an A321

Green onions well they would be hard to see

And it might be confusing using broccoli 

But I would think crookneck squash would be ok

But I guess I will leave it up to the FAA

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