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Dot to Dot Van Gogh

In my sketching I will show you what I got

But I cannot draw unless it's dot to dot 

Give me some pencils, give me some crayons 

If I had a website I would have some fans 

My masterpieces, you may never see um

Yet I think they should be displayed in a museum

I can stay in those lines while I stencil

With my special anointed color pencils 

I can color cards and I can paint rocks 

As long as I stay within my box

Sketching or painting free hand I just can't 

Yet in my drawings I can even copy Rembrandt

My artwork will soon be taken to new heights 

Watch me even draw Starry Nights

Who knows how far my art talent will go

For they call me the new "Dot to Dot Van Gogh"

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