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Eagles Wings

(My daughter Katelyn drew the picture for this)

In her comfortable nest the eaglet clings

But her whole life purpose is to use her wings

Outside the nest there remains so much more

Her true calling is to step out and soar

There's new freedom and life to embrace

Ascending upward to a higher place

To rise in the clouds and experience lift

To operate in each God given gift

The mother eagle hovers over the nest

One may assume she does not want the best

The mother appears that she is being rude

Withholding from that eaglet it's daily food

But the mother will not let the eaglet die

It is her way to get the eaglet to fly

To fly the eaglet makes her tough decision

She spreads her wings and has new found vision

As that young eaglet begins to take flight

She rises and encounters each new height

With her broad wings she will not be falling

She now knows her incredible calling

We were not created to stay in our nest

A safe comfort zone is not always best

Our short lives have so much more potential

But departing the nest is essential

As the eaglet soars, the nest she will not miss

For the eaglet's called for such a time as this

As this young bird has found her eagles wings

I'm sure deep inside her joyful heart sings

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