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Eggs Benedict

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Tainted eggs were laid years ago

Now we reap what's been sown

Infected eggs we did not catch

Glance around and see them hatch

Liberal hens have laid these eggs

Striving to give communism legs

Look through the common sense lens

There's something wrong with these hens

Isn't there someone who truly sees?

These chicks have a deadly disease

In colleges these chicks are celebrated

Youth not knowing they are contaminated

I'm saddened by our schools

History taught by many fools

Harvesting chicks for a reason Pushing their agenda of treason Those who question are labeled as haters Yet so many cannot see these traitors Is anyone among us startled? Look and you can see Benedict Arnold Benedicts in our government For evil they don't relent Benedicts seen in big tech Restrictions with no benefit With every mandate they use to restrict Shows the preparing of Eggs Benedict

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