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Election Selection

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

In this election came a selection But this selection was not the right direction or even the true selection Let's pause for some reflection before we change our nation's direction I have an objection Yes an objection! Does anyone else think our election results were not up to perfection? Was there even any inspection? Any media inspection about this general election? Pretty obvious about their bias intension I'm feeling some dejection Is America even paying attention? In our country there is a moral infection and major disconnection Will my post now be banned for my objection that I mention? Look I have a pressing question Have we lost our divine protection because of our misdirection? In God we trust? In God we MUST have His divine protection and direction There is a rejection of truth and an injection of lies I detect that Big Tech delights in that rejection Big Tech, the train wreck, that no one keeps in check Oh how many in their evil deception have tried to bring citizens under subjection Election with this deception brought forth the wrong selection But that's just my perception of this selection

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