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Emotional Support Burrito

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Yes I have an emotional support burrito

I try to hide it and go incognito

Some people out there may only mock

But I'm the one laughing with my Guac

I will add queso if I am able 

It just helps me mentally stay stable

I carry my burrito close to my heart 

And I even talk to it when I'm at Walmart

Sometimes I will walk with it on a leash

It brings serenity, it brings me peace

I know there are emotional support dogs

And there are probably emotional support frogs

I'm not sure why I picked an emotional support burrito

I guess it's better than an emotional support mosquito

With a mosquito my emotions would run out of luck

Emotional support mosquitos really suck

Emotional support stuff I guess it's OK

I just choose mine to be down at Chipotle

I like my burrito with Pico de Gallo

And in my safe space I stay out of Ohio

I receive it in a bag from a nice young lady

Then I toss it in the air like I'm Tom Brady

I feel better when my burrito has greens 

Yet my stomach still reacts when I eat those beans 

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