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Facts are Stubborn Things

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Facts are stubborn things A wise man once said Lies are given wings When the media is dead

Balanced and fair? Only half reported Biased everywhere Twisted and Distorted

Ignore those stubborn things The news media said Puppets on the strings Controlled and led

Common sense sinking Like the Titanic Media does the thinking Creating the panic

Fighting truth, that's what they do Day after day we've seen Let me introduce you To the brainwashing machine

Lies replace truth Myths replace facts Blind deceived youth Going off the tracks

Impartial and objective Creates the illusion Biased perspective Handed over to delusion

Facts are stubborn things One thing that's strange New beliefs you can bring But facts never change

Hearing what wise men wrote Throughout our early years We should listen to their quotes And not have itching ears

Facts are stubborn things A wise man once said Freedom truth brings From the lies we are fed

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