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Fasting From Whiteness

The First United Church of Oak Park in Chicago is "fasting from whiteness" this Lent season. During this 40 day period before Easter, the church will abstain from singing any hymns written by white people.

There's a pastor banning some hymns This pastor goes out on a limb From The Woke Church of Christ The real truth has been sliced

And at the Woke Church of Antichrist See him claim to have paid the price Banning all hymns from any man white Something does not seem quite right

He cancels the song Amazing Grace He makes the reason all about race Pastor Dee Saster is a joke This pansy pastor has gone woke

If I fast from whiteness and take a stand My problem is I'm still a white man And if you go to that church of plaster The problem is you still have a white pastor

As their church fasts and he takes a stand I will choose to fast from hearing that man

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